Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I just want everyone to know that I voluntarily put myself through some massive hazing. That is what Cantus is and it was one of the best nights in Maastricht.

Basically, there is a leader, there are punishments, and there is lots of singing. OH and how could I forget...A LOT of drinking. I am so glad I never got punished, it looked horrible. One girl had to take a mixed Absinthe shot. Anyone who has hung out with me here knows I am very fond of Absinthe, but a  mixed Absinthe shot freaks me out! Plus with the amount of beer we were required to chug, it just inevitably equals getting sick.

One of my friends kept not being silent when we were told and had to chug lots and lots of beer in front of everyone. Before we drank we had to say "prosit senior prosit corona." If you forgot.. more beer. If you left your book open.. more beer. If you talked out of line.. punishment then more beer.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is tradition. AND SO FUN!

The only problem was... I needed to be productive the next day. Didn't happen.

Monday, December 5, 2011

¿Que Pasa Barcelona?

Barcelona might have been the happiest, most uncomfortable, fun trip I have taken so far. Of course I got to see a few of my sisters (SO AMAZING) and the beautiful city... but man oh man the men there are CREEPERS. I don't know what it is about my boobs but they get a lot of attention out here. A man stopped me in the street by putting his hand across my chest (yes that's how small they are, get over it) and somehow managed to get a death grip on my wrist. He started asking me a million questions about my ethnicity because I was so beautiful blah blah... Morgan noticed I was stopped and rescued me. THANK GOD. Adrienne and I were followed a few times and all of us were harassed forever. At one point one of them said something rude and I immediately screamed back,
which is "fuck you" in Italian (yes, I do realize that is the complete wrong language). Currently after this abroad experience, I know a bit of Dutch, Spanish, and Italian.

Another funny moment was when this rando was following us and Lindsey (badass) turned around at started screaming at him to leave. Then ALL OF US started screaming at him. He walked in front of us and kept saying "You want to see my ass?" Libby goes, "Yeah I want to see your ass"... (WHAT)... "I want to see your ass gone!" (OH OKAY, makes more sense). Literally I died laughing because at first I was so confused/scared that he was going to pull his pants down and I wasn't really sure what Libby was getting at.

The best part was the shots bar. There were so many choices. A few that we did were the Colorado (of course it had absinthe), Boyscout (with a marshmallow), Harry Potter, Beso Blanco, Bob Marley, Playa Banana... the list goes on. Most of them were absolutely delicious.

As far as the sights go, Park G├╝ell and Sagrada Familia were beautiful.