Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Berlin, concert, carnaval

Suzanne and I went to Berlin for the weekend. The bad part was staying in a hostel of 8 people that were super inconsiderate. My favorite part of Berlin was the East Side Berlin Wall. It is the part of the Berlin Wall that is still standing that artists have decorated. I also got asked on a date in Berlin which was super exciting. But, unfortunately... I BAILED.

The day after getting back from Berlin, I went to The Kooks concert in Amsterdam. Honestly was one of the greatest shows I have seen in forever. They are so wonderful live, and the new album is so good. My favorite songs they performed were Tick of Time and Seaside. PHENOMENAL!

Then a few days after that, (haha I know, I learned how to rally REALLY well) we went to Carnaval. Carnaval is basically the 100 day countdown to the actual Carnaval. I literally can't explain what it is. Its basically like their Halloween plus ten times more alcohol than anyone normal can consume. The most ridiculous costumes EVER. Everyone participates in it too, all ages.

Other than that I have been SUPER busy and I leave for Ireland tomorrow. O M G.

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