Monday, November 28, 2011

gobble gobble... but not really.

Cheers to the most dysfunctional Thanksgiving ever. Shana, Elana, and I went to pick up people from the Brussels train station. After, we tried to go find a place to eat and the only thing that happened to be around was this gourmet, extravagant restaurant. So, obviously (we rich folk) went in to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Of course we couldn't afford an entree, so we all got and appetizer and dessert. Yum.

Then to top it off we went to the most magical place on Earth... Delirium Cafe. Long story short, got booted out of the hotel and Elana and I spent the night at Delirium. COOL.

Went to Amsterdam yesterday. Another long story short, Bulldog's Coffeeshop space cakes make me retarded. The end.

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