Monday, October 3, 2011


This past weekend I went to The Netherlands coast. After all the Oktoberfest festivities and midterms week (killed me), this was much needed. Also, this weekend was special because it was Olivia's birthday. We had the most wonderful time. The water of course was freezing, but it was the perfect weather. I haven't seen a beach sunset in the longest time.

I have NEVER had such great food as I did in Haarlem. We went to dinner at this tiny vegetarian restaurant and I ate so much. I probably gained 30 pounds, no joke. The desserts out here are phenomenal. I am seriously not looking forward to the crap food in the United States.

We had an argument with one of the Bus drivers. He was so rude to us. I wasn't quite sure where to go and he told me to go to "E." I repeated what he said, "E?" and he said, "Do you not speak English? A B C D EEE." Woah. Seriously everything in my power not to kill him.

We also met a worker at the Hostel that might come visit us in Maastricht. She's a really cool girl and told us a lot of things we can do in The Netherlands. We all sat around a fire and talked to some Haarlem locals for a long time. One guy played the guitar and another girl brought out "her secret stash or marshmallows" Amazing weekend.

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