Friday, August 26, 2011

Best Story Yet

If there is any post to read it is this one. I was walking through the park with three of my friends. Coincidentally, I was talking about how these sketchy guys were there last night and that it was really uncomfortable walking through there. There were these two kids there maybe ages (8-10). One of them looks at me and says, "I WANT SEX."I immediately freaked out and we all kept walking up this ally way. Next thing I know they got on their bike. One was pedaling and the other was riding on the back. They were following us up this ally and eventually passed us. They turned their bike around and started heading straight towards us. Right as they are about to pass me the kid reaches out and GRABS MY BOOB. IT WAS A DRIVE BY GRAB. So if you can picture me getting molested by an 8 year old and then freaking out in the street, that is what happened. Then they followed me home.

Lesson learned: Watch out for all boys ages 8-60 during all hours of the day. Guys here are ridiculous.

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