Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is this real life?

This is my first drunken post so just go with it. I got back from my study tour in Brussels, Bruge, Paris, Versailles, and Reims. If you asked me to sum it up, I would have to say...we all drank alcohol like it's water. This group of kids that I am with everyday is the funniest bunch I have ever met. Now I am meeting the international students and I wondering what the hell I was thinking not going to Australia. Every single person (including all the guys) have crushes on all the Aussie's here. But the drunken fiasco just continued as soon as we got back to Maastricht. I tried Absinthe tonight...awesome. Then I walked home through a park and seesawed with a boy for a good 15 minutes (I can't even remember the last time I have seen a seesaw). This is what my life has become. GOODNIGHT.  

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