Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Check out my ride

Bought a kiddie bike for 50 Euros today. Lucked out because there's somewhere around 200 people searching for bikes and not many are left. Because they are in high demand, the ones that are left are around 200 Euros. When I bought it both tires were flat and I had to ride it home. Legs. So. Sore. Ok so  you basically ride your bike in the street which is really scary. There are roundabouts here and the bike lanes are included in that. It's really intense riding around here. The bike lanes are shared by the mopeds also. I realized that if I am going to get injured (or killed), riding my bike is how it will be done. I also purchased lights and a cool bell for my bike. Don't want to get fined!

Last night was a thunderstorm comparable to the Colorado thunderstorms. Absolutely insane, everyone was awake.

Some funny things about my new home:
-Showers are co-ed and don't have slants to the drains. Yes, I flooded the shower
-They charge for condiments
-No free refills
-Water is not free
-Some public bathrooms you have to pay to use
-The McDonalds is a two story building
-There's beer on tap inside one of my school buildings

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