Monday, September 19, 2011


I finally made it to Amsterdam and it is definitely one of the most bizarre places on the planet. There are basically three types of shops in Amsterdam- bars, coffee shops, and sex stores. 

Let me just start by telling you some of the weird things I saw in Amsterdam. 

First, there was a MOB of 500 people (girls and guys) walking down the street shouting their love for Justin Bieber. I wanted to barf. I don't understand how this even happened because I am pretty sure he was not in Amsterdam this weekend. A video of it is on fb if anyone is interested.

In one of the squares were werewolves, everywhere. WTF?

Then there was the Red Light District. May or may not be one of the creepiest places on earth. The girls are eye level to you and some are really gross. I guess I thought it was going to be totally different than it was. In one of the Amsterdam books it says that pretty much anyone can be a prostitute if they wanted to. The rooms are rented out for hours and thats it. So if I really wanted to pay off college, I guess I could. Worth a try right? I heard you can make 500-600 Euro in a night. CHACHING.

Then there was this place. Fancy/decorative condoms? WHAT? 

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