Sunday, September 11, 2011

Are you kidding ?

So, I went to this huge highlighter party at De Alla. I had a good night despite many...many unfortunate things that happened. I'll just get right to it. First, walking there was a disaster due to the pouring rain. Then, one of my friends threw up all over me. I was covered in red wine and jager vomit. After running upstairs to the bathroom to clean myself up, I went back and carried on with my night (wow right?). To help the situation I was also covered in glow stick juice and face paint so it didn't look that weird that half of me was red. Finally, I ended up dancing with this guy that apparently had cut his arm open unknowingly. When I got home, I also had blood all over me. Not to mention, this place was a sauna and I never dried off from the rain. So my shoes and whole outfit are ruined because they are ridiculously stained. My friend who vomited on me apologized many many times, but still cant look me in the eye.

I also went to a music festival and it definitely reminded me of Colorado. There was tons of stages on a huge field and lots of cool shops. I saw a poster promoting a reggae fest, will definitely be there.

I got a new tattoo! The guy that did it is named Wouter and he was such a funny, humble, dutch man. It was not as painful as I thought it would be.

I was going to make a trip to Rotterdam tomorrow, but once again I am sick. All of us keep passing around each others colds. Its stupid.

Some other random things I have done:
- Played Jenga in a coffeeshop
- Went to Highlander (bar) after a coffeeshop and walked in on some weird ass party and everyone was dressed as animals (creepy).
- Almost got kidnapped by three guys
- I officially have a stalker. His name is Gorkem (wtf)
- Found these cute boots (so expensive).. but a girl should treat herself once in a while right??
-I am going to the soccer match Holland v. Moldova. PUMPED

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